The Misguided Human Population

Every one of us are living a life that was never meant for us. You might be rich or poor now but that does not matter because we were not born into earth to become rich or poor. This shows that the reason of birth is being forged due to the social status. We were born into earth to herd the animals and birds. They were like the caretaker. But they have forgot what it is to care for someone else which includes not only animals but also human beings. People are so much in their own lives that they are missing on the actual reason of existence.

A person is taught how to get a tax depreciation report for his assets but is not taught how to get a food packet for a fellow human who is dying of hunger. No, you certainly do not have to leave your job, sell all your goods and properties and help other people. You just have to take the honours of helping someone, this someone could be an animal, a person, a kid anyone. We are so busy with our works that we forget that there is a life outside work. There is something called family. This can be mainly seen in collectivistic cultures since only few males of the family earn for the whole family. It is understandable that they are working hard to support the family but the important thing is that they are forgetting to live and love others or even themselves.

You should make it a point to make your kids understand that what life is. You should give them choices instead of making them walk in the same path you walked on. You should teach them to help other human beings, compassion and other good qualities.

Moreover, there is a proverb which says what goes around, comes back to you. Therefore, you should not exploit the power and money you have. It would not be a second, but your account can be robbed or there might be a natural calamity.

When a child is born into this world, we should stop the stereotyping in regards to gender, religions or any other kind of differences. When parents are buying a new house, a new dog and many things. Kids will notice it and you will have to set good example by making your kids see you file taxes, paying your debts on time, be the good role model for your kids. It is hard to change the normalcy and be a saint amidst the sinners. But you can just make sure that you are not the worst sinners of all of them.